Installation of VMware In Debian Squeeze

1. Firstly Downloaded the file from to register or should have an account to download, select either 32bit or amd64 bit).2. After downloading given the executable permission to file as root user.
chmod +x VMware-Workstation-Full-7.1.3-324285.x86_64.bundle

3. Than just installed by giving the command
# ./VMware-Workstation-Full-7.1.3-324285.x86_64.bundle

it prompts for license agreement, product updates, eclipse directory for virtual debugger, eclipse c,c++ debugger plugins etc. just select yes or no based on requirement and finally press enter it starts installing.

4. After successfull installation in debian go to Applications->System Tools->VMware Workstation  and open it.

While opening displayed a prompt saying VMware Kernel Module Updater stating Kernel Header version 2.6.xx-x-amd64 not found or specify the prompt where kernel header is located to install.

5. Than installed the kernel headers for debian by giving
# apt-get install linux-headers-2.6.xx-x-amd64

after that close the window and restarted it again.

6. Next while starting a prompt appeared stating “Before  you can run VMware, several modules must be compiled and loaded into running into the running kernel.” just selected install. prompts for root password and continue.

7. Immediately prompted a new window stating “unable to build kernel module see log /tmp/vmware-root/setup-3037.log (which is the compiler and necessary building tools haven’t installed.)

8. installed the package build-essential by
# apt-get install build-essential

9. than again went back and selected the install option it started running fine.

10.Every thing done, prompted the license agreement and finally Started. 🙂
Note: A registered key is required to start working with it.

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