Installing PERL IDE in Eclipse

          i am installing the PERL IDE in eclipse, the Eclipe IDE & Perl packages are pre-installed in my system.

Firstly after launching Eclipse IDE,we have to go to software installer by clicking on Help->Install New Software and a new window appears as above. Then click on the Add button and give the Perl package repository as and click ok, you can see it in below screen shot.
Here i have entered the repository details to be used as default for PERL packages installation.
In the  above screen shot displays the list of packages available in Perl repository.
Here in above screen shot we mark the Perl packages by selecting the check box and just click on next to continue.
Here in above figure it displays the following packages to be installed, just click on the next and continue.
After selecting the packages it prompts the License agreement, just go through the license agreement and click on i accept and click on next to continue installation process.
After accepting the license agreement it displays the installation process as above.if you want you can check out the details by clicking on the details.
After Downloading for installing packages it displays the security warning due to unsigned content, if you want you can check out the details or just continue by clicking on ok.
After successful installation Eclipse requests for restarting, you can select yes if you want to restart by applying changes or select no if you are in middle of some work or just select to apply changes and you can restart later.
Finally after restarting the eclipse you can check Perl installed by clicking on the File->New->Other  you see a window prompt like above and there select the Perl File or Perl project and you can start working.
The above screen is if you want to change the Editor properties than you can change by going to file menu Window->Preferences a window opens there select Perl and you can set you editor settings.


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